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Sock Thickness Chart

40° Below™ has the 3rd Thickest Top of 31 Men's Socks

Men's Socks Top Thickness Chart
4.17mm The Ice Sock The Ice Sock - F7215
3.71mm Canada Canada - F2064
3.08mm 40° Below™ 40° Below™ - F2230
2.83mm King Cotton King Cotton - F1055
2.79mm Merino Comfort Hiker Merino Comfort Hiker - F2322
2.71mm Merino/Silk Hiker Merino/Silk Hiker - F2337
2.62mm El Pine El Pine - F2044
2.00mm Trail Mix Fusion Trail Mix Fusion - F1400
1.75mm Cypress Cypress - F3034
1.71mm Snow Sirocco® Snow Sirocco® - F2092
1.67mm King Tube King Tube - F1005
1.42mm At Work Steel Toe At Work Steel Toe - F1140
1.17mm Merino Comfort Hiker Lite Merino Comfort Hiker Lite - F2409
1.08mm Merino Lite Hiker Merino Lite Hiker - F2300
0.92mm Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Quarter Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Quarter - F6066
0.71mm Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Crew Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Crew - F6067
0.58mm Coolmax® Liner Coolmax® Liner - F2161
0.42mm Gobi Liner Gobi Liner - F2153
Tour 2-Pack Tour 2-Pack - S1141
Distance 2-Pack Distance 2-Pack - S1184
At Work Crew 3-Pack At Work Crew 3-Pack - S1221
7-Footer­® 7-Footer­® - F1019
Master Master - F1061
Husky Husky - F1089
Wigwam 132 Wigwam 132 - F1088
Super 60® Tube 6-Pack Super 60® Tube 6-Pack - S9012-051
Cool Lite Pro Crew Cool Lite Pro Crew - F6063
Super 60® Crew 6-Pack Super 60® Crew 6-Pack - S9020
Super 60® Low-Cut 6-Pack Super 60® Low-Cut 6-Pack - S9015
Merino Airlite Pro Merino Airlite Pro - F6003
Diabetic Sport Quarter Diabetic Sport Quarter - F1364