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Merino Comfort Hiker Lite

Merino Comfort Hiker Lite

by Wigwam


A lightweight version of our Merino Comfort Hiker for year-round comfort. Foot hugging fit, Cushiony sole, Stay put leg and top, Seamless toe closure, Merino wool softness. 61% Merino Wool, 30% Stretch Nylon, 6% Acrylic, 3% Elastic.

This sock is proudly made by Wigwam in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

Gender: Men's, Women's


Sock Features

Hover over the highlighted areas below to learn about the special features of this sock.

Welt Cuff
This sock features a welt-cuff. A welt-cuff is a double layer of knit fabric. This is an attractive and durable cuff that will not stretch out.
The leg of this sock is a crew length so it comes to the lower part or just below the calf. This sock is thinner on the leg to keep you cooler in warm weather.
Top of Foot (Instep)
The top of the foot does not have any cushioning. This lack of cushioning makes it less bulky and cooler.
The heel is made of the same terry loop as the sole and the arch of the foot. There is no transition of materials.
This closure is stitched loop-for-loop on the knitting machine that produces a seamless closure on the inside and outside of the sock. This reduces blisters caused by bunched up sock material.
Bottom of Foot (Sole)
The sole is made with merino wool terry loop. This loop provides cushioning and has a very soft feel. This sole is medium to heavy cushioned.

Sock Thickness

Sock Sole Thickness
2.9 mm
Bottom of Foot Thickness
A terry loop cushioned sole makes it comfortable.
0th thickest bottom of 21 Men's Socks
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Top of Foot Thickness
1.2 mm
Top of Foot Thickness
The top of the sock is thin to provide better warm weather performance. It also reduces overall sock bulk for a better fit.
0th thickest top of 21 Men's Socks
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Sock Leg Thickness
1.2 mm
Leg Thickness
A thin leg is better for warmer weather but still covers the bottom of your leg.
0th thickest leg of 21 Men's Socks
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Merino Wool - 61%

  • Superior Insulation
  • Natural Goodness
  • Very Warm
  • Itch Free
  • Superior Comfort

Other Materials

  • 30% Stretch Nylon
  • 6% Acrylic
  • 3% Elastic


Crew Length Crew Length: This sock measures 26.5 cm (10.4 in) in length. The Merino Comfort Hiker will ride just below the calf. At 26.5 cm, this measures to slightly below the average crew length.



This sock fits true to size. With the terry loop cushioning on just the bottom of the sock, it has less bulk than most hiking socks.


This sock is constructed with a high merino wool content. The terry loop construction on the inside is 100% merino wool yarn so the bottom of your foot is very comfortable. The 30% nylon content is there to make the sock more durable and give it a nice fit. When the sock is made, the nylon fiber take the dye while the wool fibers do not accept the dye. That is why on the outside of the sock you'll see a the dye darker in some areas like the cuff. I know this seems impossible but it is true. When the socks come off the knitting machine, they are all the same color. Only the magicians in the dying department know how to make the elixir that somehow dyes only the nylon. And by the way, they also know how to only dye the wool and not the nylon.

Raw Sock Data

Bottom Thickness:2.9 mm
Bottom Thickness (compressed):1.5 mm
Top Thickness:1.2 mm
Top Thickness (compressed):0.7 mm
Leg Thickness:1.2 mm
Leg Thickness (compressed):0.8 mm
Leg Length:26.5 cm (10.4 in)
Leg Length (stretched):39.5 cm (15.6 in)
Leg Width:8.0 cm (3.1 in)
Leg Width (stretched):17.0 cm (6.7 in)
Foot Width:8.0 cm (3.1 in)
Foot Width (stretched):17.5 cm (6.9 in)
Heel Reinforcement:No
Toe Reinforcement:No
Bottom Cushioning:Yes
Top Cushioning:No
Leg Cushioning:No

Sockspert Opinions

John's Thoughts

Matching your sock to the weather is something that I always recommend. To me socks are like pants and shirts, you select your clothing to the weather. You don't wear a sweater in the summer and you don't wear shorts in the winter. The Merino Comfort Hiker Lite is the "shorts and tee shirt" of merino wool socks.

This sock is styled so it looks almost exactly like the Merino Comfort Hiker. However, this sock is thinner (about as thick as an athletic sock) so it is great in warmer weather. This sock has comfortable terry loop under your foot, all other parts of the sock do not.



Q. Is this sock really cool in the summer? It is made of wool.
A. The belief that wool is only for warmth isn't accurate any longer. The performance characteristics of merino wool make it a good choice for socks all year round. This sock is rather thin everywhere except the bottom of the foot so it wears very cool.

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