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King Tube

King Tube

by Wigwam


Fully cushioned cotton tube sock with colored striping. Cushiony all over, Low profile toe closure. 85% Ring Spun Carded Cotton, 10% Stretch Nylon, 5% Elastic.

This sock is proudly made by Wigwam in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

Gender: Men's, Women's


Sock Features

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Welt Cuff
This sock features a welt cuff.
Top of Foot (Instep)
This sock features a low-profile toe closure.
Bottom of Foot (Sole)

Sock Thickness

Sock Sole Thickness
1.7 mm
Bottom of Foot Thickness
9th thickest bottom of 21 Men's Socks
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Top of Foot Thickness
1.7 mm
Top of Foot Thickness
7th thickest top of 21 Men's Socks
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Sock Leg Thickness
1.6 mm
Leg Thickness
9th thickest leg of 21 Men's Socks
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Other Materials

  • 85% Ring Spun Carded Cotton
  • 10% Stretch Nylon
  • 5% Elastic

Raw Sock Data

Bottom Thickness:1.7 mm
Bottom Thickness (compressed):1.0 mm
Top Thickness:1.7 mm
Top Thickness (compressed):1.0 mm
Leg Thickness:1.6 mm
Leg Thickness (compressed):1.0 mm
Leg Length:56.0 cm (22.0 in)
Leg Length (stretched):77.5 cm (30.5 in)
Leg Width:7.5 cm (3.0 in)
Leg Width (stretched):18.0 cm (7.1 in)
Foot Width:9.5 cm (3.7 in)
Foot Width (stretched):18.0 cm (7.1 in)
Heel Reinforcement:No
Toe Reinforcement:No
Bottom Cushioning:Yes
Top Cushioning:Yes
Leg Cushioning:Yes

Sockspert Opinions

John's Thoughts

If you’re going to be kicking it old school in some tube socks, these are the legit ones to get. These socks were made in the old days and are still made today (in the good old USA). This isn’t some imported copy of what was once made. This sock is made of 85% ring spun cotton (that’s the good stuff).

When I was a kid, there was some type of unspoken competition to see how high you could get your tube socks. If you were fortunate enough to have older brother, you could borrow of pair of his socks and just start pulling. If you got them past your knees, that was very cool, even cooler than baseball cards. Heck, it was even cooler than that band that you said you liked because some older kid liked it. For me, the cooler band was KISS, I somehow convinced my parents to buy me a tape. While I didn’t listen to the KISS tape much, I did keep the tape in front of my collection of Alvin and the Chipmunks tapes to “cool up” my tape collection.

Winning the long tube sock contest was an old friend Eric (this was a long time ago and I forgot his last name). He didn’t have an older brother so I don’t know where he got the super long socks (he said they were his Mom’s but I never saw her wearing tube socks). He would routinely pull them well over his kneecaps. I don’t know if it was just Herculean strength or some super long socks, but he knew how to rock a tube sock.

These tube socks when pulled all the way up come to the top of my tall but scrawny calves, just a few inches shy of my knees. If you have shorter legs they might come up even further. If are super tall and have serious gunboats for feet, these might only come to mid calf.

These socks look great paired with running shorts. If you still want to rock the tube but keep it a secret, you can pair them with jeans and nobody will know you don't just have a pair of cotton crew socks on.


Sam's Thoughts

These are quality cotton socks. They should fit any foot. My size 13 feet fit just fine. I don't wear tube socks, I let Charles in the warehouse keep the tube sock torch burning.


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