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Sockspert Colleen

Until several years ago, the only thing that I considered when buying socks was how they looked. I didn’t pay attention to the fabric content or the fit, I just wanted something that matched what I was wearing. I owned some plain dress socks in navy, brown and black and some simple white sport socks for working out and running around town. They were nothing fancy, but they looked okay and I thought they were doing the job. That was until my husband John made me think about how my socks might be affecting my feet (and even sometimes my mood!) He often heard me whine and complain about my sore feet and blisters. And while he couldn’t change the fact that I didn’t always wear “sensible” shoes, he was determined to get me in some sensible, quality socks. After awhile I listened to him and I took a closer look at the socks I was wearing. I discovered that my socks were often bunching up and twisting in my shoes, plus I noticed my feet were often clammy and sweaty at the end of the day. Beyond that, my size seven feet were often drowning in the socks I wore. It was time for a change.

My first pair of quality socks was purchased for a hiking trip about 10 years ago. I went to a local sporting goods store and a bought myself a pair of merino wool hiking socks. They were so soft and comfortable that I didn’t want to take them off. I noticed after wearing them that they didn’t twist in my shoes (because I took more time in finding the right size), they didn’t bunch up, and my feet were not sweaty even though I was wearing wool. It was an eye-opener for me and my husband the “sock snob,” was right… again! Good quality socks do make all the difference. Eventually, I emptied my sock drawer of all the socks that I’d previously been wearing and replaced them with a lesser quantity of quality socks. I paid attention to fit and discovered that with my smallish feet, not all socks are made to fit me. I took the time to find socks that fit me better and were snug on my feet, not sloppy. I found the perfect pair of athletic socks for me, the Ironman Flash Pro, and I purchased several pair. It’s the only pair of sport socks that I wear now. I absolutely love them and my feet are dry and comfortable at the end of my work-out. For everyday wear, I love the Trixie and the Horizon. They both fit me well and they’re fashionable too. Stripes make them a little fun, and yet they are “basic” enough to wear with dress clothes. For hiking and other outdoor activities, I’m a big fan of the Merino Comfort Hiker.

It’s been quite a few years now that I’ve been converted to quality socks. Well before my husband John and I opened, I found myself expounding upon the virtues of quality socks to my friends and relatives. I often purchased socks for gifts, and in many cases, saw the same lightbulb go off when those people tried a quality sock. Many of those people are converted “sock snobs” like myself now. They appreciate how a good sock can make all the difference. Not only is it important to find a good quality sock, but a sock that fits your foot well and that is designed for the purpose for which it’s being worn. Here’s wishing your feet lots of comfort!

Merino Comfort Hiker
by Wigwam
Merino Comfort Hiker
NavyCharcoalLight KhakiOliveLight GreySage
Item: F2322

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